Cannot Get to work on WAMP for my life.


I have followed every single possible installation proceedure i could find. I still keep getting this error.

BUILD FAILED C:\wamp\www\vegas-test\build.xml:147:34: > required Total time: 0.3200 seconds

It naturally doesn't make any sense to me, if someone could please help that would be great.

Some things that I have done

  1. Installed Mongrel
  2. Installed Wamp and Phalcon
  3. Done all those nice things with apache to vhosts
  4. And tested the environemnt

THANKS! (runing windows 7 x64) and talking about VEGAS-CMF


First of all are you sure you're installation went well. Did you checked Cphalcon appears in your phpinfo file ?

If yes did you try to run a simple phalcon code as vokuro or the tutorial ? If it works, i never used Vegas so I can't really help but the problem seems to come from this application.

Hope you'll find a way