Controller not found on mac, but works fine on windows/linux

I've got the same codebase running on a windows, linux, and mac. Everything works fine on windows and linux.

However on the mac, a specific controller is never being routed to.

I've got a UsersController with several actions, but no matter what I do, the router always routes back to the IndexController, and the indexAction -- like the UsersController is not found. All other routes in the app work just fine.

I copied the UsersController.php file to something like TestController.php file, and renamed the class to TestController.php -- that works just fine. It seems like there's something on mac thats blocking access to the specific "users" controller.

Anyone have any ideas?



So it turns out my sublime project file was called users.sublime-project. This file was in the root directory of the project, and apparently was causing the problems -- although I'm not sure why. Anyway, I renamed that file and everything works now. (of course I figured this out just minutes after posting my question ...)

Seems like if there's a file in the root directory of the app named the same as one of the controllers -- the router tries to redirect there? At least that's what happened on my app -- $router->getRewriteUri() returns something like: /redirect:/appdir/public/users.sublime-project. when it should be going to appdir/app/users/action ...

That may have been due to the .htaccess.