problem in phalcon-dev

I just tried the Phalcon-dev tool when using the Phalcon command as it gives me this message: ERROR: Phalcon extension is not installed, follow the instructions to install i thesis t: by cons I install Phalcon extension in php: I am sending you a print screen:

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Do you use the phalcon-devtools in CLI ? If so, are you sure that the php that you use is the same than the php on your server ?

For example, if you are using wamp, make sure that the php.exe of your server is the one use to execute the phalcon-devtools (check in your path, as in the doc) and not another php.exe in another folder that may not have the extension.

Make sure you got the correct phalcon extension based on your server Whether it is Window based or Linux based and whether 32bits or 64 bits.

Can you Check on Php info to check whether you installed the phalcon extension successfully. create a file as shown below and run on your server.


  // Show all information, defaults to INFO_ALL


If you are on localhost just go to address bar and type locahost to see registered extensions.

if all well confirm if the path to your dev tools location is correctly bdone on system path.


thanks for all i have resolve my problème with this link it was 2 files php.ini just put in c:\wamp\bin\php.ini this : extension=php_phalcon.dll and that will be resolved i had put it in this:C:\wamp\bin\apache\Apache2.4.4\bin\php.ini so simple thank you