Phalcon\Tag isn't working as expected

Hi! I have a problem with generating links using Phalcon\Tag. I have configured routing component using DI so that I have named route. ```php <?php ... $di->set('router', function () { $router = new \Phalcon\Mvc\Router();

    //Define a route
    $router->add('/signup', ['controller' => 'auth', 'action' => 'signup'])->setName('registration');

    return $router;

``` But when I try to create link for a named route as in the tutorial ```php <?= Tag::linkTo(['for' => 'registration'], 'Registration') ?> ``` I get this: ```html <a for="registration" href="http://localhost/"></a> ``` Is that a bug? Or I'm doing something wrong?


hi, the link must be:

<?= Tag::linkTo([['for' => 'registration'], 'Registration']) ?>


Thanks for reply! It is all working correctly now!