Action with characters (-) and (_)

Hello, all!

How to use such name in the actions: /

it works with controllers:

Controller names are camelized, this means that characters (-) and () are removed and the next character is uppercased. For instance, somecontroller is converted to SomeController.

default settings should work at this case ```php class ControllerController extends \Phalcon\Mvc\Controller { public function actionWithCharactersAction() { } } ```


Unfortunately it does not work. if we use characters , the error appears: Phalcon\Mvc\Dispatcher\Exception: Action 'actionwith_characters' was not found on handler 'controller'

if we use the characters -, the dispatcher can find the controller 'index' and action 'index'

Hmm, look at maybe you have't got fresh version of phalcon? please recompile or wait for Anders to fix it.


Just tried and it works with "_". And not working with "-", because you can't name variable/function/class/etc with operator in the middle of the name.

```php class ControllerController extends \Phalcon\Mvc\Controller { public function actionwithcharactersAction() { } } ```

I found it. It looks like Phalcon 1.2.0 changed, (or always it works this way) controller action isn't camelized, only controller name is camelized, and @Firnis reply is correct. You can use eventManager to handle and calelize controller action. More about it is in @andresgutierrez reply here