php-site example doesn't work

Hi Guys,

I've downloaded the php-site example from

and have the following config:

$config = new Phalcon\Config(array(
    'database' => array(
        'adapter' => 'mysql',
        'host' => 'localhost',
        'username' => 'root',
        'password' => '',
        'name' => 'php_site'
    'phalcon' => array(
        'controllersDir' => '/../app/controllers/',
        'modelsDir' => '/../app/models/',
        'libraryDir' => '/../app/library/',
        'viewsDir' => '/../app/views/',
        'baseUri' => '/'

i've set up the db correctly, but all requests are just aborted after loading the config. Does anybody have a clue as to why?

replace: 'name' => 'php_site' -> 'dbname' => 'php_site'


Sadly, still aborts my connection for some reason :( Even if i remove the whole Database block.

What Phalcon version ?

set the right 0777 for app/cache/


phalcon Version 1.1.0

$ chmod 777 /var/www/testy/app/cache/

unfortunately, still aborts connections

chmod 777 /var/www/testy/app/cache/ -> chmod 777 -R /var/www/testy/app/cache/

there are error messages?


Sorry, didn't mention i did a recursive chmod afterwards as well.

But no there aren't any php errors :(

Try to show the output of all errors:

ini_set('display_errors', 1);
ini_set('display_startup_errors', 1);


By default my dev environment shows any and all errors, but unfortunately there aren't any.