I wonder, for a tool that the main goal is the database manipulation (kind of PHPMyAdmin) if the MVC pattern can be use ?
Or may be there is a better solution than MVC.

If the MVC is not recommended, does Phalcon can still be use for a tool like this and be useful ?
In this case, I wonder which structure can fit for this, as the database and tables are not known in advance, the models can't be generated before the use of the tool.

I was thinking about a helper that will generate PHQL queries.
With this some generic classes that will represent :

  • a server :
$server = new MySQLServer();
  • a database :
$database = $server->getDatabase('db_name');
  • and table :
$table = $database->getTable('table_name');

You are welcome if you have any thoughts, advice or comments.