Ideas on how to make route registrations in controllers

Hi guys! First of all thank you all for this very fast framework. Coming from zf2 world I can see that is really REALLY faster :) Now my question is this: How can I register routes in my controllers without using anotations parser? I mean it looks like I am able to use initialize() method but if i register my routes there like so:

public function initialize()
   $this->router->add('/status-code/404', array('action' => 'code404',));

I'm getting:

exception 'Phalcon\Mvc\Dispatcher\Exception' with message 'Action '404' was not found on handler 'status-code''

And that means that router totally ignores new routes...

I've never personally tried setting up routes in the initialisation of a controller, but it looks like all's you're missing is setting the controller key within the router options.


   $this->router->add('/status-code/404', array('action' => 'code404', 'controller' => __CLASS__));

Otherwise you have Phalcon trying to automatically determine what the class name of the controller would/should be, but there's no such thing as hyphenated class names in PHP ;)

Do you want to register routes IN your controllers, or FOR your controllers? As far as I know, the former cannot be done. The routes need to be initialized & checked by the app before any controller gets loaded.