Best way to impliment dynamic controllers for an API in Micro()

Does anyone have any pointers on ways to implement the following: I'm looking for an efficient way to map multiple routes to two main controllers while still being able to get part of that route from the matched controller. Example: /v1/api/[type-of-record] would get matched to an ApiController and Get action. That's fine, but I need to be able to get the type-of-record while in that action. I've tried setting the name on each route as part of a micro collection (as the third parameter - but that only works for GET bindings).

The type-of-record is set by the database so I cannot create a controller for each. The best way I've found is use a catch-all e.g. /v1/api/{record-type:[a-zA-Z\-]+} and then using the before event to 404 or redirect if that record type isn't allowed.

There must be a better way to do this though. Any thoughts?



what is [type-of-record], a model ?

for accessing type-of-record in your getAction:

    public function getAction($type-of-record){ ...}    


type-of-record is a model (the same model for all types - which are baiscally validated json structures against a shema). I can get the [type-of-record] fine from the action, but only when im using the preg matched routing. I was hoping to absolutely define each route and somehow name the micro collection.