Phalcon Criteria

Hi, i want to know specifically from method Criteria::fromInput, this method return array built with LIKES i dont want likes, please from method Criteria::fromInput, Thanks.


$query = Criteria::fromInput($this->di, "\Logisticapp\ModelsCms\User", $this->request->getPost());

array(2) { ["conditions"]=> string(121) "id_role=:id_role: AND name LIKE :name: AND last_name LIKE :last_name: AND email LIKE :email: AND password LIKE :password:" ["bind"]=> array(5) { ["id_role"]=> string(1) "1" ["name"]=> string(9) "%sdfasdf%" ["last_name"]=> string(9) "%asdfasd%" ["email"]=> string(24) "%[email protected]%" ["password"]=> string(11) "%as345dsfgs434sg5gssdgdgw5e%" } }


If you want say it in spanish

"No se entendió "

Apologies, my english is too bad, what I mean is how can I remove the "" likes "" that return of fromInput method, Thanks :)