Application doesn`t work after update to 1.2.1

I updated phalcon to version 1.2.1 and my app stop working. It shows no error, browser (Chrome) says "This webpage is not available" with the error Error code: ERR_CONNECTION_RESET.

App is multimodule. If I remove multi-module part then it works fine. So it seems the problem with Module class.

I tried on Windows, PHP 5.4.13 and FreeBSD 6.3, PHP 5.5.1


Can you compile again from master?

If you could post the code that leads to the crash, that would be great.


I found the problem. It was because of small error. If error occurs in controller or if write something like echo 'test'; exit; in controller, app crashes instead of showing error or stoping. Any guess why it does?

Not only I have this problem


I fixed this yesteday, can you try installing again?


It works, thanks. But there's another crash - after $session->start() it crashes with no error displaying

$session = new Phalcon\Session\Adapter\Files();