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Phalcon get parameters are not working with lighttpd

this is my Lighttpd config file for phalcon

$HTTP["host"] == "" { server.document-root = "C:\devtools\lighttpd\htdocs\phalcon\test\public" url.rewrite-if-not-file = ( "^/(.*)$" => "index.php?_url=/$1" ) }

Urls are working fine but I am unable to get the parameters after ? - is working - not working showing 404 error

I think there is problem in lighttpd config rewrite but I am unable to figure it out. Please Help


this rewrite rule works

"^/([^.?]*)\?(.*)$" =>  "/index.php?_url=/$1&$2",
"^/([^.?]*)$"       =>  "/index.php?_url=/$1"

Thanks it worked !!