Template viewer for designers

I built a small composer library to help me on my workflow with my designers on Phalcon projects.

The problem is: we want to have an html mockup of the site before starting the backend coding. In that way the designer and the CEO can have a "working" mockup to play around before the "real" development begins.

Until now, the designer built the html on his own, and when the ok was given, everything had to be translated to .volt templates prior to the coding. This small library aims to avoid the extra step, so the designer can do it straight on the volt templates, and render the view associating some fake variables through ini files.

You can see the library in github.

It's my first composer library as well as my first open source contribution, and functionality is on the bare minimum, so comments and feedback are welcomed.

I hope that somebody finds it useful.

Looks good. I wonder if you considered just using plain JSON files as configuration, rather than embedding JSON strings into .ini files? I think it would make it easier to build the files, because IDE syntax highlighting would then work properly. Processing the ini files would also be simpler.