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struggling with PHQL


I am trying to write my sql statement in PHQL style but i am getting some errors. I have two Models called 'Media & MediaCategory' both extends from Phalcon Models. My sql statement works fine using raw sql format as below:

$rawSQL = "SELECT m.*, mc.cid FROM MediaCategory mc JOIN media m ON = WHERE = 1";

    $result = $this->getModelsManager()->executeQuery($rawSQL);

But when i tring to convert it to PHQL format as follow i get this alias error "SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1066 Not unique table/alias: 'm'"

    $result =$this->getModelsManager()->createBuilder()
        ->columns(array('m.*', 'mc.cid'))
        ->from(array('mc' =>'MediaCategory'))
        ->join('media', ' =', 'm')
        ->where(' = 1')

Could you please help me?


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i think you need to point what tables you need , like , m.title ....

If you have same column names you need to specify .


You should either use join or addFrom. Think that tables is being referenced twice resulting in the error. Try removing the addFrom('media'). See the examples of joins in the documentation

I would personally set up a query log and see what the database is actually being sent.

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Thank you all esp. @Shad Mickelberry for comments. Actually, I solved the problem by removing " ->addFrom('media')" as it was suggested by Shad Mickelberry.

By the way, I am using Phalcon Version 1.3.4 The solution and even the problem itself may differs in other versions