Crowdfunding Phalcon Development - Who is for?

Ok guys, things are perfectly clear.

We have really amazing (finally) PHP Framework, which needs to be enriched with many more features. Phalcon dev team do not have enough time to grow fast as e.g Laravel, Symfony, Zend. etc, but today are things simple: grow fast or die slow;

Here's the deal, let's see how many people are interested for some kind of founding Phalcon development. (Crowdfunding or perhaps some monthly donations).

Who is for it?

I'm all for crowdfunding - it's why I contributed through the Pledgie ( Somehow, this is missing visibility. Do you think a different platform would attract more contributions?

Would be good to have an official link to donate money on the


As is see, the main problem scattered phalcon community. There are forums, blogs, slack chats, IRC chats many different websites, ...

First we need to connect and gather phalcon community in one place.

  • to see how many phalcon users/dev are at all
  • to communicate more fluent
  • to organize crowdfunding campaign better

Randomly pasted links, posts, comments doesn't do job well. :) E.g - today i saw this campaign first time - and i read many resources on daily basis

  1. Do anybody know or have perception how many phalcon developer are out there?
  2. Which are main forums/sites/chats,.. where phalcon community is gathering?

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@djio The forum is best discussion Phalcon, but if you want to share tips and trick Phalcon look here, If you want to chats on slack with Phalcon comunity go here, also if you want to get jobs Phalcon check here