Trying to manage the PHP 7, Phalcon and Linux distribution timelines

To start with I'd really like to be able to use PHP 7 before something like 3.5 to 4 years from now and I don't believe that I will be compiling it myself, but who knows. I'm trying to build a strategy for moving over to this and its up to first of all when PHP 7 is itself released and then catching either Debian or Ubuntu packaging it. Debian 9 looks like the overly optimistic choice and Ubuntu 18.04 will probably have it and maybe sooner by 17.04 or so (although not LTS). I'm thinking that in an ideal world I would put my sights on a specific Linux distribution and then hope that Phalcon could support PHP 7 within six months of that Linux distribution being out while I continued to wait back on my deployed version.

I don't think that its terribly important for Phalcon to support PHP 7 from day 1 from an engineering perspective as its acceptable for there to be a window of months while a new ecosystem consolidates around a new breaking version. If this happens within 6 months then I will consider PHP 7 to be wildly successful in comparison to say Python 3.

I think though that from an image standpoint that the blogosphere of Phalcon nay-sayers might have a field day with Phalcon not supporting PHP 7 and so its probably best that there should be an earlier effort to at least be looking like support is arriving shortly. Too many people will be saying that Phalcon is a dead end and this could discourage many new users.

After checking deeply the changes introduced in PHP 7, IMO, it would take many hours of work to support PHP 7, the whole redesign of zvals and other structure needs to generate code in Zephir from a new perspective. Probably not re-write Zephir from the ground up but supporting PHP7 is absolutely more in the field of Zephir than Phalcon.

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Any news about that? I'm reaaaally dying to use the new features of PHP 7 (mainly static typing) and I don't want to begin with Hack (Facebook) because I'm afraid I won't be able to get rid of it later (too "intrusive", and mainly useless with PHP 7).

But I don't want to be waiting for months or years for Phalcon to be supporting PHP 7 either. Because I really would prefer to work with static typing (EDIT: I meant "scalar type hinting", as PHP 7 does not offer more). More secure.

Please, could you refine "many hours of work"? Supporting PHP 7 will quickly become a priority for Phalcon (if it's not already), and I think @dschissler is right to assume that Phalcon users will be in demand for PHP 7 support, given the huge improvements that PHP 7 provides.

At the very least, would it be possible to grab the Model-related classes with PHP 7 support and use them "standalone"?

I am internally boiling! :) I was already trying to setup PHP 7 on my local env, but then I noticed the "php_phalcon.dll" line in my php.ini file... "ooops" :)

Thank you, and best regards,

A Phalcon fan

PS : btw the comment box is still really slow sometimes, letters appear after like 1 to 3 seconds while typing

PHP7 support is ongoing, the Zephir branch development has important progress towards supporting the new version.

Thank you @andresgutierrez !

I think I will leave that for later, and try the Zephir approach instead and try to migrate my application to Zephir (modulo the bugs I encounter on the Zephir website, but I'm filling a ticket on the Zephir forum about it)