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Better docs + Slack instead of IRC

TL;DR mode...

It's happy to see Phalcon 2. However, Phalcon's docs page need to be redesigned for easier to navigate between topic, pages, lookup / quick summary and mouse's scroller friendly. It's a long page, we have to scroll too much, we could Ctrl+F and typing, but in most cases, we may not remember. Symfony / Laravel / thephpleague / Django / RoR / Android dev docs are good.

Instead of IRC as a communication channel (I know it when I was a child, but never use it), I think it will be better if Phalcon team move to Slack.

Last, feature badges at Home page should contain links to related helpful docs.


edited May '15

Our documentation is available in this repository:, feel free to provide and submit any improvements you think could be useful.

We're not using the IRC, it's just another space for the community to get help.