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Hierarchy view Question

Well I’m studying about hierarchy view and I don’t understand why I must put a file in /view/layouts/ for each controller.

I don’t understand well, but I think the execute order is:

1-. controller /view/layouts/users.volt (this have only content )

2-. Template (if exist) /view/layouts/admin.volt // I use this template to re-use the admin panel.

3-. Action /view/users/index

4-. main (/view/index)

Now the examples INVO and VOKURO have not this files and working so well, what is the difference?

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the default behavior of view rendering hierarchy of a phalcon MVC application is explained here.

So far I can see, Invo use this default rendering system. Vokuro use a main views/index.volt and two templates in views/layouts : public.volt and private.volt.

// in PermissionsController.php line 18 in indexAction()

// in IndexController line 16 in indexAction()

If template apply to all controller actions, you may put the code above in initialize() method (or use default controller layout file, eg layouts/permissions.volt). If many controllers should use the same layout, they can extend from (in vokuro context) a PrivateController wich initialize the template.


but to create the privatecontroller others inherit from him?


// PrivateController

class PrivateController extends BaseController {....}

// PermissionsController

class PermissionsController extends PrivateController{...}


thank's... you solved my question