How to "stop" get Meta Table from Phalcon Query

Hi, When i logged query from Phalcon to file, i see:

SELECT DISTINCT c.columnname AS Field, c.datatype AS Type, c.charactermaximumlength AS Size, c.numericprecision AS NumericSize, c.numericscale AS NumericScale, c.isnullable AS Null, CASE WHEN pkc.columnname NOTNULL THEN 'PRI' ELSE '' END AS Key, CASE WHEN c.datatype LIKE '%int%' AND c.columndefault LIKE '%nextval%' THEN 'autoincrement' ELSE '' END AS Extra, c.ordinalposition AS Position, c.columndefault FROM informationschema.columns c LEFT JOIN (SELECT kcu.columnname, kcu.tablename, kcu.tableschema FROM informationschema.tableconstraints tc INNER JOIN informationschema.keycolumnusage kcu ON (kcu.constraintname = tc.constraintname AND kcu.tablename = tc.tablename AND kcu.tableschema = tc.tableschema) WHERE tc.constrainttype = 'PRIMARY KEY') pkc ON (c.columnname = pkc.columnname AND c.tableschema = pkc.tableschema AND c.tablename = pkc.tablename) WHERE c.tableschema = 'public' AND c.tablename = 'userroles' ORDER BY c.ordinal_position

Can they reduce the performance?

In production, you can use any of these adapters to store the meta-data: