Updating documentation - Making Select Boxes

Hi there,

Good job with Phalcon, I'm still getting my head around it (coming from a Ruby / Go dev), but it feels nice for a PHP framework, kind like Rails for PHP, minus the performance hiccups :)

A small update to Select Boxes Documentation concerning selectStatic and Volt syntax would be nice. I now know that the syntax looks like that :

{{ selectStatic('FieldName', ['A':'OptionA', 'B':'OptionB']) }}

Also as a side-note, I understand that 2.0 was released not so long ago, but I find it odd that sometimes you show phtml syntax first, sometimes volt, maybe some kind of sub-sectionning or tab code (a la React) for equivalent syntax in both phtml and volt template syntax would be great to have.

Thanks for this great project, and keep it up :)

Edit : Also, i didn't find neither in the docs or here what are the available options. I've scoured the relevant Zephyr code 1 and 2, and I don't understand the order of the parameters and how to input them in Volt.


Thanks for the tip.

Despites its excellent documentation and a lot of usefull demo on github, API documentation sometimes lack of explicit usage example