Webird 0.6 is released

Webird has a new 0.6 release.

Keeping up the good fight. No bit rot here!

  • Updated documentation
  • Phalcon 2 interface fixes
  • Updated Phalcon view setup with common view folder across all modules
  • Updated Marionette example that adheres to upcoming 3.0 conventions
  • Updated npm, bower and composer dependencies
  • Fixes for upcoming npm 3.0 by explicitly defining peerDependencies in main package.json

I'll continue updating the npm packages and now it looks like I need to switch out the oauth system for something that is better supported. I'm considering a theleague package.

Now that LIMIT clause can be used in PHQL with inline literals turned off I'll probably make the default setup be all bound parameters across the system and to disable literals. It could then be turned back on if it is needed.

In my private project based on Webird I've been attempting to replace all of Backbone.js with Ampersand.js.

If anyone cares to offer a simple example for another framework then I'll be happy to integrate it. I'll even help out a few moments setting up the gettext support assuming that a gettext parser exists for the template language that is used. My goal is to have a handful of frameworks already wired up since it is rather difficult to wire up a new framework with PHP and JS integration between dealing with Volt, another JS template (since webpack loading can be difficult when considering template helpers and unfamiliarity with commonjs) and a gettext parser.


Also I'll add that I'm currently unsatisfied with the way that CSS is packaged in Webird and in several months I'll be working with the front end a lot and then I'll contribute back a better system for dealing with it. This issue lies in how the Webpack extract-text plugin yanks finalized CSS from all modules and then combines it into one or two files. So mostly I need to develop a better structural and naming convention for dealing with.