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Placeholders does not replace in translation with not existing indexes

Hi all,

I use nativeArrayadapter for my translation. in my controller I try to translate a message and send it to user:

$message = $this->translation->_("You are logged in as %username%", ['username' =>$user->username]);

If "You are logged in as %username%" key is not defined in language array, then the index returns as is, without replacement!

See this section of source code:

     * Returns the translation related to the given key
     * @param string  index
     * @param array   placeholders
     * @return string
    public function query(string! index, placeholders = null) -> string
        var translation;

        if fetch translation, this->_translate[index] {
            return this->replacePlaceholders(translation, placeholders);
        return index;

This issue does not append in getext addapter. U can see the source. But in csvand nativeArray addpter already happens.

I think this is a Bug.

Any idea?


edited Jun '15

I solve my problem by overriding nativeArray::query() in main class, as follow:

     * Returns the translation related to the given key
    public function query($index, $placeholders = null)
        $translation = isset($this->_translate[$index]) // <-- isset() is faster in large arrays and it's NULL-proof
            ? $this->_translate[$index]
            : $index;

        return $this->replacePlaceholders($translation, $placeholders);

May helps.


If you think this is a bug then it must be posted on Github.


I've added a fix in the 2.0.3 branch

Great :)

I've added a fix in the 2.0.3 branch