Phalcon REST library: Improvements

Hi readers,

Last months I was working on a library of REST specific services for my Phalcon projects. Thinking about serving other Phalcon community members I decided to make it available on Github. Coming from a more practical then theoretical background I have little experience with setting up a decent library. So my question for people who do is:

Can you show me where the is room for improvement in this project?

Currently these things are going through my mind:

  • Documentation of classes
  • Testing of classes
  • Refactor everything to a coding standard (which one)
  • Several other improvements

I find it important to make it a more flexible and accessible project.

Thanks in advance, Olivier Andriessen

There are nice ideas there. I suggest you follow PSR-2 as coding standard

Also, you can organize the different components in directories that match the current namespace structure:

   -> Auth
   -> Http
edited Jun '15

@andresgutierrez Thanks,

I will definitely do that. Would it be useful to rewrite the classes to Zephir? Or is that to ambitious for its purpose?

Yeah, once you have a final and stable version you can migrate it to Zephir