Missing useful features

Hi everybody,

I'm new to phalcon, migrating from major enterprise frameworks and finding the phalcon project concept very interesting. However I really miss some features, that discourage me from switching to phalcon for now. I would like to know if it is considered to be implemented.

  • Custom resultset traits - this is the thing that I miss the most. First of all I would like to extend standard resultset class to perform some custom operations on collection. That would also be great if I could load the relations on collection, not on single row - let's say I have a collection of thousands of rows, loading relations to each row might be a serious performance impact (I assume it makes a db queries for each row to load relations)
  • subforms - I find it very useful as well. some form snippets that could be reused separately or within another form.
  • auth service - I miss a proper auth service, that provides an interface for choosing built-in or custom auth adapter, that does the job. I would also like to set storage for the session (for instance session, non-persistent). something like ZF/ZF2 way of implementing this service.

I haven't gone through the whole doc, so the list might grow (or decrease, maybe I missed something). For now I will try to come up with something by myself, but it would be nice if I already had it provided with framework.

Mate, I really understand you. I'd like my toasts jump into a toaster themselves too :) If anything is missing there, there is a Phalcon Incubator and Git you can open your NFR. What I do in such a case, I use available composer packages and Phalcon is perfectly compatible with Composer. Or I build missing bit myself. Relation thing you described above seems too specific for a general purpose framework.