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form validate and binding


  1. When using form validators, is still required to use binding when inserting to db, or the input is considered already safe?

    $name = new Text('Name');
        new PresenceOf(array(
            'message' => 'Please enter your name'
        new Alpha(array(
            'message' =>Name is not valid'
  2. When calling $form->bind($_POST, new Model()), the data from model will already have the filters applied, or is getting the raw data from $_POST?

  3. The ORM does any checking and filtering by default?


The ORM uses bind parameters for insertion/updation, also $form->bind assigns the values already filtered

I see, so the only time when binding is required is when doing a Model::find() and Model::count() and maybe for Model::findOneByField() too. I know I read in the docs something a long time ago, but I no longer can find it :)


Model::findOneByField() automatically uses bound parameters too, you only need binding in the methods that query data Model::find()/Model::findFirst()/Model::count()/Model::sum()/Model::query()/etc

I got it. Thank you for clarifying this for me.