Select addOption(array) Bug in Phalcon 2.0.3

It seems like this is a Bug in 2.0.3 now. In select.zep Line 77 the parameter option is simply appended to the _optionsValues Array.

If option is an Array with a key set, there should be added an new entry with the given key to _optionsValues instead of appending the whole Array

I think you should create this on Github

You're right, but unfortunately I have no time to write a detailed issue on Github. My English writing skills aren't that good, so it would take me a lot of time to describe the problem correctly. I already worked around this problem by using setOptions() and just posted this for you to notice it. If I had time I'd fix it and create a pull request, but at the moment it's up to the community.

I asked you to create an issue not a PR, thanks