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Vokuro Tutorial ( Different from Vokuro Github

Hi All, I am going through the documentation on and have got up to Tutorial 6 'Vokuro'. Just started this tutorial installed via composer and demo site is working, however the code within the tutorial is a lot different from that which I downloaded from GitHub . To give a basic example, there is no RegisterController this functionality appears to now be done within SessionController signupAction. I was hoping to methodically go through the Phalcon docs & tutorials. Any help / suggestions appreciated.


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Well I'm off to a fine 'Numpty' start! Having read further in the tutorial I see that the 'text' is "First, let’s check how users are registered in Vökuró. When a user clicks the “Create an Account” button, the controller SessionController is invoked and the action “signup” is executed:" what confused me ws the associated code snippet that read 'class RegisterController extends Controller ... " So it's a simple mistake where the author refers to the wrong controller, nothing more. I'll double check before I post again. Jonathan