Weird Update Behavior on 2.0.2 Production server.

We had an old 1.9 someting development server and we run several internal projects (one of them was very heavy SQL transactions) more than a year with no problem however last week we roll our first project based on Phalcon, new production server was 2.0.2 (if I remember correctly)

Anyway problem is.

One of our model has an integer fields which default was 1: On update if not feed the vaule for that field, it turns default value. And that table was updated very frequently (2 secs for each row)

It works perfectly on dev server and it turns default value on production server. And yes I'm very sure we feed a value on creation time. And I clear meta tag cache.

for now I give correct number before the update.

Any suggestion for this weird behavior.

My Humble Regards

Have you tried if this problem still happens in Phalcon 2.0.3?