Now that Phalcon 2.0.4 is out I've tagged Webird 0.7.0 (Alpha 6).

  • Bumped Phalcon requirement to 2.0.4 (due to bug fixes)
  • Disabled phql literals by default (for improved security)
  • Removed Coffeescript dependency for installation and configuration
  • Added Babel ES2015 Javascript to ES5 Webpack integration
  • Added PostCSS/cssnext Webpack integration (in addition to existing SASS, LESS and Stylus)
  • Added PostCSS/cssnext example at features/postcss
  • Improved webpack entries and commons output destination
  • Updated dependencies
  • Updated documentation

There is only a short list of things to do before this reaches beta. I need to use a better OAuth library, implement a Thruway WAMPv2 websocket example and work out a way to cache the ACL data that allows it to be updated from the admin interface.

I also need to implement promise loading for the JS Locale loading instead of the slightly confusing callback setup now. I need to investigate how that will play with a Babel Promise polyfill.

I might wait for Webpack 2 to be out before I call this beta because it could add some interesting ways to import JS libraries into front end code. I think with Phalcon version 2.0.4 it is finally at a point where this project will not need any new features or bug fixes from Phalcon. The biggest changes will be coming from the Webpack configuration and the module code.