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Cookies with domain set cannot been deleted

Hello all,

I found a problem this morning is that a cookie set with a domain cannot been removed by delete() function:

$expire = time() + 86400 * $this->config->user->rememberDays;
$this->cookies->set('RMU', $user->id, $expire, "/", false, $this->config->cookie->defaultDomain);
$this->cookies->set('RMT', $token, $expire, "/", false, $this->config->cookie->defaultDomain);

It's not work use:

    if ($this->cookies->has('RMU')) {
    if ($this->cookies->has('RMT')) {

What's the problem?

edited Jul '15

I'm not sure what's the point in getting the cookie and then deleting it when you could delete it directly. Try: $this->cookies->delete("RMT");