Including Composer

What would be the best approach( or phalcon's best practice ) for including the composer autoloader within a project?

Currently i'm just doing a require, but i'm curious what the best practice is.

I'm far from an expert, but my guess would be to inject it into the di container:

In your bootstrap ```php <?php $di->set('loader',function(){ require '/path/to/Composer/loader'; return $loaderObject; } ```


in the file app/config/loader.php set : ```php <?php include DIR . "/../../vendor/autoload.php" ```

Dont set it in the di as @quasipickle suggested, it wont work as it should, you just need to include it.

Also if you want to use only composer (that's what i do), just comment the phalcon loader, and add your model, etc... directly into composer :

Example of composer.json : ```json { "require": { "php": ">=5.3.6", "phalcon/incubator": "dev-master", "some/component":"someversion" }, "autoload": { "classmap": ["models/"], "psr-0" : { "SomeLib" : "app/library" } } } ```

Where classmap is equivalent to "registerdir" and "psr-0" is equivalent to "registerNamespace"

Thanks Sneaky. The first option is what I have been doing, but didn't know if there was a best practice. The second will be what I migrate to, it makes much more sense to keep everything in one place.

Thanks again.