How to deploy my local project to Fortrabbit and use my domain from external hoster

Hi @all,

i created a local project(xampp) with phalcon 2, but i have just an shared hosting package with my domain

So i think about Fortrabbit. Is it possible, how i understand the docu from Fortrabbit, to use my domain

And how have i got to upload my local project? Normally i use Filezilla.

Thx for your help


P.S. I don't understand the Fortrabbit docu and nobody from the support is answering.

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Since Phalcon comes installed on Fortrabbit ( you should be able to upload your project (using FileZilla) and it SHOULD just work if you have all of your application configuration settings correct (possibly for multiple environments like local, dev, staging, prod, etc...)

Their website also states:

Setting up Phalcon is easy Phalcon comes as a pre-installed extension with each fortrabbit PHP App at no extra costs. You only need to enable it, to use it.


Hi Steven,

thx for your quick answer.

My first questions i answered, but how can i connect with my domain from my shared hoster?

Is that possible, how i understand:




It looks like following their steps should be pretty simple but honestly, I'd contact their support since they will know their product better than we would :-)

Indeed that page of their help documentation seems to have all the information. If it doesn't work then indeed contact their support system, they will be able to help you better than us.


Good morning Steven and Luis,

thx for your help. The fortrabbit support has answered right now and iam in contact with them.

i will reply