Phalcon 1.3.3 problem in Phalcon 2.0.5

Hi, I created a project in Phalcon 1.3.3 now i updated a version V2.0.5 for login i am user session auth-identity but its not working in latest version its showing error "Wrong number of parameters"

 $this->session->set('auth-identity', array(  'id' => $user->id, 'name' =>$user->name,'profile' =>$user->profile->name  ));

This same things happend in

        private $privateResources = array(

        foreach ($this->privateResources[$controllerName] as $resource => $actions) {

                if($actions == $actionName){
                    return true;

If I pass $this->privateResources['index']; its show "Wrong number of parameters" How to solve this please help me thanks.

Could you please post the backtrace of the exception?


sorry i can't understand....what is backtrace of exception???