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Using Phalcon in production environment - is it reliable?

Hi everybody,

At our company we are going to build a CDN system based on Phalcon. Every month we notice a few milions of requests (it's growing) for images, which are propagated between X servers. We have to build a propagation system with a lot of dependencies between those servers and Phalcon will be the heart of the system. It has to be very reliable. I am a bit afraid if it is a good idea because I do not know any bigger webapp than some CMS using Phalcon as a base framework.

Could somebody prove that on this stage of Phalcon development, it is ready to go onto production servers? What I mean is, whether the ORM is mature enaugh (ie. eager loading, batches), Redis/Memcached drivers are really fast?

Cheers, Andrzej

I have ben using it for several months now with no issues. based on your brief overview of your system if any amount of speed is important to you phalcon blows the socks of any other php framework.


Hi Christian,

thanks for the reply. Actually we've started to develop the CND onto Phalcon. We will see how it works in the real.

PS. I do not understand why I got 4 dislikes for the question :) It never happen on Yii framework forum, even if the question is the most stupid it could ever be.