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Vokuro Permissions

I've started building new controllers off of the Vokuro base project and found that each time I add an action for my new controller, such as editAction(), I have to add this to the list of permissions and / or update the database as well. Is there a wildcard feature that can grant blanket permissions to a group for an entire controller?



edited Jul '15

Use * to grant permission to all actions of the controller, but you still have to register each controller action

OK, the star works well, but I had to force the rebuild the ACL data.txt file, which is essentially the cache for acl information. I just deleted this file and let it rebuild on its own. In reading the ACL docs, Phalcon gives you the flexibility to put this cache in APC or anywhere you like, but the Vokuro implementation has it in app/cache/acl/data.txt.

I think I may create a rebuildAcl function for development, however.