How to make the user manually select english/japanese language for an existing project.

Hi guys, I have developed a small project using phalcon, in which the default language is japanese, but now the requirement is like a user should manually select either english or japanese language by clicking any of these two links from the homepage. Is there any way to implement this, I am a newbie in phalcon. can anyone please help me step by step how to do this. Thanks in advance.

edited Aug '15

I had to do this recently for a project of mine. There are 2 parts: 1) Breaking out all your text into language files, 2) Using the right language file.

1) Phalcon has built-in multi-language support, take a look at that.

2) How this is implemented depedns on your site. Often, I'll see urls like or The language to use can then be determined from the URL. If you have an existing site though, that may be difficult to implement. What I did for my site was have the user choose their language at log in. I then stored that language in their session, and accessed it every page load to determine what language to use. If you don't have a log in, you can set up your links similar to this: and Then in your LanguageController file, in the chooseAction() method, you can simply set a session value.