I've switched to Phalcon 2 from 1.3!

Big thanks to Andres for fixing https://github.com/phalcon/cphalcon/issues/10775. That allowed me to move my app to Phalcon v2. There were several interface-level incompatibilities, but other than that, everything just worked.

I've been using phalcon since 1.0 branch (maybe earlier?) and today marks an enormous step forward.

To the entire Phalcon team - YOU ARE AMAZING AND AWESOME - beyong words!!!

Cheers, Temuri

edited Aug '15

@temuri416 I just invested about 2.5 days to track down a bug with the nested subquery when using EXISTS. It took a while to figure out decent ways to debug it and to become familiar with the tools and methodology and ultimately I was successful and Andres accepted the pull request. I'd consider that bug to be very difficult to diagnose and fix but really other than the much larger compile times it is no more difficult to read than PHP. For a bug like yours you could easily get in there and fix it yourself (unlike the 1-star series). The new unreleased Zephir seems to reduce compile times by about half or more so that would have helped a lot. Now I rank fixing Phalcon code as no more diffcult to fix than any other major library. So I often don't try to fix small bugs that I find simply because I often cannot afford the distraction from my main task but if I hit a wall I know that I can fix even the most tricky bugs. Thats important since I am now invested into Phalcon for years to come.