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Help running INVO tutorial

Hi, I'm very new to php/mysql so I am unsure how to do this part which is at the end of the readme:

"Then you'll need to create the database and initialize schema:

echo 'CREATE DATABASE invo' | mysql -u root cat schemas/invo.sql | mysql -u root invo"

I am using xampp and windows

thanks so much!


Yo, although this isn't in the scope of Phalcon...

XAMPP installs phpmyadmin, which you can reach here by default: http://localhost/phpmyadmin Then create a new database (invo), and import the invo.sql file.

I suggest you read some tutorials regarding PHP+MySQL, because these forums are mainly for Phalcon related questions.


I'm currently going through a book that teaches PHP and MySQL, but I only started it a few days ago.