MAMP do no recognize my new phalcon project

Hello the team,

i am new in the phalcon's world and i have my first problem creating my project under Mac OS. I have generated my project with the phalcon dev tools and have configurated a new server for this new project.

My project is created under /myproject, and my server is using the repertory /myproject/public. When i want to see my project page with the message "Congratulations ! You're now flying with Phalcon...", i see "It works!".

Do you have any idea of this problem ?



give us the apache config,

but basically u didnt configure root dir

edited Sep '15

By default, the root is in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/"myproject". I moved my project in this file and it works which is the most important. I would have thought it would be the same when specifying another directory... but no.


Eather I or you miss somethint there...

if you change your root path to unexisting one.. you should see error page.

if you change your root path to correct path with phalcon project inside you should see phalcon project.

keep in mind:

  1. default root for viewing a phalcon web page is c:\web\myproject\public
  2. make sure you allowed mod_rewrite
  3. make sure htaccess overrides are allowed

check the documentation for instalation .. .

keep in mind that i could have miss understand you complatly