print_r($this);exit; Doesnt work in a controller

I remember at the beggining it was prining a huge object... however since few days i notice it takes some time for the page to load, and the output is nothing ( just white screen) there is nothing in apache error log.

Does somebody has an idea what did i screw ?


Have you got display errors switched on in your php.ini ?


Could you maybe var_dump($this);die(); instead?

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You have to add {{ content() }} to your view or send the output to a file file_put_contents("/tmp/debug.txt", print_r($this, true));

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ok i tried, it doesnt work.

however.. if i disable "auth" includes its working

I use this guy work for the login:

but i only copy/paste some of his stuff, actually auth.php, security.php and two other models. There is some problem for sure but unfortunatly Its immposible to tell where exacly :(

Thx for the help

//edit all my error displays are on and i code on E_ALL