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Phalcon Unstable; Big Risk using in Production

Huge fan of phalcon at heart. But I need to accept, using phalcon on production was a risky move. Essentially, as a phalcon developer you are handicapped in many ways

  1. Debugging phalcon
  2. Community support (except for 1person Andres, who I think is over stressed)

I have faced problems ranging from mysql LIMIT 0,10 not working to complex ones like here

Based on my judgement, Phalcon is a risky call and an unstable framework and my experiences for last couple of months are moving me away from Phalcon.

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There are tons of tools to debug Phalcon, starting with logging...

I don't see any actual code in the github thread to reprocude the problem, only a report for Segmentation fault. What is that LIMIT 0, 10 about?

Blank responses are generally produced when PHP error reporting is turned off. Check your logs, or turn on error reporting.

Phalcon is rather mature, user errors are not the in the scope of stability ihmo...

Pls how to log/trace phalcon internal code.

  1. mysql select query limit was as recently fixed last month
  2. phalcon code that worked on dev wamp failed to give same output on prod IIS server
  3. error during runtime show .zep! references

phalcon deal breaker was blank response which were intermediate and always got fixed during server restart. no errors seen community help is very limited

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  1. Are you sure the Phalcon and PHP version is the same on both development and production?
  2. Even if they are, since the OS and webserver are different, that's a really bad practice to go by... My first suggestion would be to use the same environment for development and testing.
  3. You probably want to surround your Application->handle() with try + catch and output any error to you log file. For eg:
  4. First rule of any community forum is to search first... don't expect answers if they have already been answered

You should REALLY-REALLY use the same OS+Server+PHP+Phalcon for both development and production, otherwise you'll run into unexpected trouble on the way...


Apache logs have always told me what was broken in the code whether or not debugging was on or off. Provided you have Ubuntu LAMP, they are usually located in /var/log/apache2 unless you've changed the location in your apache conf to go somewhere else.

var_dump($arg); die(); is an easy way to debug PHP. I've not been able to get xDebug working, but it's more a problem w/ my IDE than w/ Phalcon.

@Zach dude uses wamp for development and IIS for production... :D