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Real-time Phalcon application

Hello, I´m new in Phalcon and I can not find out solution for my problem. I have application for making online tests (something like Socrative) based on Phalcon. So I need fast technology for send data updates about choosed answers each of student to teacher dashboard where He can see their progress. Technology should be able handle with many connections between teachers and their groups of students. Of course must be good connectable with Phalcon.

I´m thinking about Ratchet or but in web technologies I´m new so I have decided ask for help an experienced developers. I hope my explanation is clear and understandable.

Thanks for all answers, help and for first time sorry for english.


Ratchet or are independent products that can help you to achieve your goals, without using a specific framework.

Personally, I developed a chat and notification system with Phalcon, NodeJS, SocketIO and Redis (pub/sub) because the requirements were very complex and NOT open source.

If you don't want to try or you don't have time, you can just use the ones you mentioned, without the need to use Phalcon or any other framework. But if you really want to test your skills, you can start here:

I think I´m not brave enough try Redis yet. However, after conversation with my friend yesterday I realized for the solution will be enough set up system on something like rooms in chat, It should separate groups of teachers exactly as I need. I will look on SocketIO too and for sure I will check some examples about notification system in NodeJS.

Thanks for answer.