Phalcon leftJoin limit 1

I'm trying to figure out, how I can limit my leftJoin match by 1, but keep getting the other rows from the table.

This is my code:

$comments = $this->modelsManager->createBuilder()
        ->columns(array('PostsComments.comment', 'PostsCommentsAnswers.comment as answer'))
        ->leftJoin('PostsCommentsAnswers', 'PostsCommentsAnswers.commentid =')

How do i do, it will only get the first like this: "commentid = limit 1" so that all others will be ignored ? :-)


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you have to add another query inside instead of the join. Unfortunatly i am not master of those subquery joins etc... basiccaly it takes me 10 mins playing with the query until i make it work.

Anyways... take the full query, paste in phpmyadmin / workbench and play with it until you manage it.

my try:

SELECT PostsComments.comment, PostsCommentsAnswers.comment as answer
    FROM PostsComments
LEFT JOIN ( SELECT comment FROM PostsCommentsAnswers WHERE PostsCommentsAnswers.commentid = LIMIT 1) as toto


i am sure the query wont work, but it's a start :D

sorry i cant help you more but i am at work atm

Are you trying to get the most recent comment for each post?

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There are couple of solutions that owuld work. But i guess it depends on what you are using the response for and how you are using them.

Using magic getters + params

$PostsComments->getPostsCommentsAnswers(['limit' => 1]);

Adding custom function to your PostsComments model

public function getFirstAnswer(){
    return $this->getNotes(['limit' => 1]);

Finally if you are detemrined to use your builder to return a single array. you coudl probably use php ->groupBy(