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Zephir ext/install modification

I see that etx/install (file ) is being changed everytime I run zephir build, I want to edit the template of this file

Does anybody has any idea how to do that ?

// i want to change paths for phpize and php-config

You can copy this file to another one (ie. my-install) and make the modifications there



zephir build

is using the "install" file ?


Zephir build does not use install file either, commands to install the extension are directly performed by zephir. You can initialize the extension, ie. use phpize inside ext/ to tell where the php-config is and then use zephir build to compile new changes.

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hmm.. ok the problem was that I was calling make && make install after the phpzie and config.

so just to be clear for the rest what works for me is:

$ cd ext/
$ phpize --clean
$ /_OUR_PHP_PATH/bin/phpize
$ ./configure --with-php-config=/_OUR_PHP_PATH/bin/php-config
$ cd ..
$ zephir build