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Populate object with nested objects in a form


This is my first post in this great forum.

I have two classes (I don't use ORM)

    class parent {

        public $id;

        public $name;

        public $ch;  <--- Child object


    class child {

        public $id;

        public $name;


Var_dump of parent object.

    object(parent)#95 (3) { 

        ["Id"]=> int(1) 

        ["name"]=> string(9) "FOO"  

        ["ch"]=> object(child)#132 (2)


            ["Id"]=> int(1) 

            ["name"]=> string(8) "BAR"


I have a Form with two text elements, but I cant't get the child name value inside this.

I want to send this object to edit the names in a volt view with and parent name appears ok , but I can't get child name (I have trycalling "" to the Text Element for example, but it does not works.

Thank you in advance.



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I have a possible solution using value option in my text element:

$txtChildName = new Text("childName", array(
        "value" => $chname

Thank you.