Unable to "see" views from my Index Controller

Hi there,

I'm evaluating Phalcon and just finished the tutorial.

Using the standard setup I have controllers, models and views directories. In My IndexController.php I have an indexAction and a landingAction method with no content. I also have a SearchController.php with an indexAction. Under views I have 2 directories (index and search) index contains index.phtml and landing.phtml, search contains a index.phtml.

When I call localhost/phalconmvc/ or phalconmvc/index or phalconmvc/index/index I get a blank page. When I call localhost/phalconmvc/search or phalconmvc/search/index I get the view as I would expect.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks for any help. Taff


hi, Are you using apache?

yes I am. On a *nix machine