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In a file use namespace, which cannot include the second class?

when In my library , I have a file named socket, the file are follow:

  > <?php

namespace Library;

use Phalcon\Mvc\User\Component;

// Run from command prompt > php chat.php use Devristo\Phpws\Framing\WebSocketFrame; use Devristo\Phpws\Framing\WebSocketOpcode; use Devristo\Phpws\Messaging\WebSocketMessageInterface; use Devristo\Phpws\Protocol\WebSocketTransportInterface; use Devristo\Phpws\Server\IWebSocketServerObserver; use Devristo\Phpws\Server\UriHandler\WebSocketUriHandler; use Devristo\Phpws\Server\WebSocketServer;

class execClass extends Component{

public function init(){ $loop = \React\EventLoop\Factory::create();

// Create a logger which writes everything to the STDOUT $logger = new \Zend\Log\Logger(); $writer = new \Zend\Log\Writer\Stream("php://output"); $logger->addWriter($writer);

// Create a WebSocket server $server = new WebSocketServer("tcp://", $loop, $logger);

// Create a router which transfers all /chat connections to the ChatHandler class $router = new \Devristo\Phpws\Server\UriHandler\ClientRouter($server, $logger); // route /chat url $router->addRoute('#^/chat$#i', new ChatHandler($logger)); // route unmatched urls durring this demo to avoid errors $router->addRoute('#^(.*)$#i', new ChatHandlerForUnroutedUrls($logger));

// Bind the server $server->bind();

// Start the event loop $loop->run(); } }

/** * This ChatHandler handler below will respond to all messages sent to /chat (e.g. ws://localhost:12345/chat) */ class ChatHandler extends WebSocketUriHandler {

/** * Notify everyone when a user has joined the chat * * @param WebSocketTransportInterface $user */ public function onConnect(WebSocketTransportInterface $user){ foreach($this->getConnections() as $client){ $client->sendString("User {$user->getId()} joined the chat: "); } }

/** * Broadcast messages sent by a user to everyone in the room * * @param WebSocketTransportInterface $user * @param WebSocketMessageInterface $msg */ public function onMessage(WebSocketTransportInterface $user, WebSocketMessageInterface $msg) { $this->logger->notice("Broadcasting " . strlen($msg->getData()) . " bytes");

foreach($this->getConnections() as $client){ $client->sendString("User {$user->getId()} said: ".$msg->getData()); } } }

class ChatHandlerForUnroutedUrls extends WebSocketUriHandler { /** * This class deals with users who are not routed */ public function onConnect(WebSocketTransportInterface $user){ //do nothing $this->logger->notice("User {$user->getId()} did not join any room"); } public function onMessage(WebSocketTransportInterface $user, WebSocketMessageInterface $msg) { //do nothing $this->logger->notice("User {$user->getId()} is not in a room but tried to say: {$msg->getData()}"); } }

tip:Fatal error: Class 'Library\execClass' not found in D:\Desktop\backk\app\modules\Compute\controllers\ShowController.php on line 18

help me


you can't do that, and also you should not.

Phalcon uses the Class name and search for a (phisical) file named like the class itself.

Also I dont think it's a good pratice to put 2 classes in the same file.