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Is there a way to use "named" routes?

right now I do this:


but I want to use a "virtual" name:


and define it:

$router->add('jumpHereIfError', array( 'module' => 'frontend', 'controller' => 'mymodule', 'action' => 'index' ));

because if I rename a module, I have to rename 100 redirect() method.

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I think this might work:

        "mymodule/index", // This matches your request url
            'module' => 'frontend', 
            'controller' => 'mymodule', 
            'action' => 'index'

        $redirect_url = $url->get( array('for' => 'jumpHereIfError') );
        $this->response->redirect(  $redirect_url  );

This is a direct excerpt from the docs here:

As of writing for version phalcon 2.0.8:

Each route that is added to the router is stored internally as a Phalcon\Mvc\Router\Route object. That class encapsulates all the details of each route. For instance, we can give a name to a path to identify it uniquely in our application. This is especially useful if you want to create URLs from it.


    $route = $router->add("/posts/{year}/{title}", "Posts::show");


    // Or just

    $router->add("/posts/{year}/{title}", "Posts::show")->setName("show-posts");

Then, using for example the component Phalcon\Mvc\Url we can build routes from its name:


    // Returns /posts/2012/phalcon-1-0-released
    echo $url->get(
            "for"   => "show-posts",
            "year"  => "2012",
            "title" => "phalcon-1-0-released"