Libmemcached::queryKeys($keyPrefix) - "$keyPrefix" is ignored

Hi all,

Unexpectedly, I've ran into a bug that I've described here:

I never had problem with it under Phalcon 1.3. Can anyone please confirm it?


It fetches only cached contents from a 'statsKey' array.

If you disable 'statsKey' => null, queryKeys() does not work.

'client'   => [
                Memcached::OPT_HASH => Memcached::HASH_MD5,
                Memcached::OPT_PREFIX_KEY => 'myDomain.' //this is the DOMAIN!
            'prefix'   => 'myPrefix_', //actual prefix of the keys
            'statsKey' => null          

After such construct, I'd expect to query with my prefix (i.e. myPrefix_).

But it doesn't work at all, so it's a bug I guess.