You can install Phalcon In lampp, are there any tutorial or the same steps?

On a platform like Ubuntu or Linux, for the use of Phalcon it is better to use directly or install apache2 lampp ?. Phalcon can be installed in lampp

phalcon is just a PHP framework and doesn't come with it's on server. First you'll have to install lampp and then Phalcon


When installed in lampp it is the linux xampp could not find the then uninstall and install apache and php individually and it worked properly, so I wanted to know if it is more difficult to install lampp or not to correctly

I personally installed lamp just once and gave me some headaches with it's default packages and weird default configurations. I usually go with manual installation. You might have to add to php.ini manually and/or add it to modules and enable it.

Both installations are fine; the difference is that lamp comes with some default packages and some default configurations. Install the way you find it easier for you.